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Friday, February 8, 2013

Hi, Its been a while since I last wrote as I was travelling. But I keep myself updated with the events taking place around the world. 

The worst and THE MOST HORRIFYING tragedy that I heard,was the shooting of those little children in New Town Connecticut. And even more disgusting was the speech given by the NRA. I cant believe that in-spite of SO MANY gun related deaths and tragedies America will not change its gun laws. Pretty soon the time will come when besides the teachers being armed ( A bizarre and the dumbest suggestion by the NRA ) even the children will have to wear bullet proof vests as part of their school uniform....

Please Dont blame it on the violence in the video games or the movies...These same games and movies are exported to all over the world East and West...BUT in no other Western country do they  have so many gun related violence in such high percentage as in US.

Please also Don't blame it on the mentally unstable , even in other countries there are huge number of people with demons in their heads , BUT even them crazy ones do not commit such heinous crimes BECAUSE GUNS AND ASSAULT WEAPONS ARE BANNED in other countries. UK only has 30 to 40 gun related deaths in a year as compared to 12 to 13,000 per year in the US.

I hope to God this Administration will take some strong action before it too late and things get out of control. And I sincerely hope the NRA will wisen up too and stop promoting this absurd gun laws..

Take Care and stay safe...

God Bless..!   

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