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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hi , At last Gaddafi is gone and the libyans are liberated and free from this tyrant. ...!
As I mentioned in my previous post Education is the backbone of an individual and of the society, its due to the high percentage of illiterarcy in a country that individuals like Gaddafi can succeed to power and rule with an iron fist. The poor illiterate people dont know any better , lacking judgement ,they lay their trust into the hands of this leader.  Its toooo late by the time they realise . The wealthy and the literate would have already moved out and taken up residency in the developed countries, leaving the poor and the helpless to face the brutalities ... !
If NATO and the US have taken it upon themselves to police the world then why arent they going after the brutal African leader like Mugabe of Zimbabve ? He is another tyrant and has commited so many atrocities and crimes against humanity, Oh ,i forgot but there is no oil  there, so why should anybody bother?
So very upsetting..!
Thanx, and Take Care,
Be Good and Do Good.          
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hi , What is wrong with these bigwig republicans ? Saw the debate partially---thankfully---and couldnt believe how these adults argued and clashed with each other, like some immature school kids arguing over a seat in a classroom. GROW UP YOU GUYS..!
The country is spiralling downwards and right now they should focus on working with the President to find solutions and ways to get the economy going and not keep harping on I DID , YOU DID CRAP... Also i dont get this 9-9-9 plan of Mr.Cain. Its like a joke . How can he justify implementing the same percentage of tax on the mills and bills (millionairs and billionairs ) as the lower income group ? 9% is just a drop in the ocean for the mills and bills whereas its a BIG dent in the pocket of the low incomers . The gap between the Have and the Have nots will widen incredibly and America cant afford to let that happen. Corruption will set in and the low ncome people will find ways to avoid paying taxes. But obviously these bigwigs  cant see through it. All they are concerned about is winning the elections at any cost.     
 The hunger for Power and Greed..So Sad..!
Take care,
Be Good and Do Good !
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hi, watched BBC news this evening--a must watch news channel-- and was totally shocked and so so so upset when they reported that USA has THE HIGHEST NUMBER of child abuse DEATHS. 
EVERY 5 HOURS 1 CHILD DIES from child abuse. This is soooooo shocking.....! The number is even higher than in whole of Europe. Can you believe this? We are talking of THE MOST DEVELOPED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. And this is the number from the cases that have been officially filed, not to mention the ones that are not reported, which indicates that the number could be higher.
Cant believe the big guys in Washington want to cut down on education budget. How dumb is that?
HELLOOOOOO cant they not get it that one way to deal with this huge problem is through educating the less priviledged and the social outcast  ? 
Education is the backbone of an individual and of the society and , I would rather live on bread and cheese but make sure that my child gets the best education and upbringing that i can afford  . I think I owe it to my kid  as it was my choice for bringing him/her into this world. 
No child should ever have to suffer in their lives.....! How can any human even raise a finger on a small defenceless child ? ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING AND VERY VERY HEART BREAKING !
Take care ,
Be Good and Do oood.    

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