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Friday, June 27, 2014

Talking about Radicalisation ...I certainly do not think anyone can be radicalised until and unless that person lacks something in life OR has been to a certain extent raised at home with these silly ideologies , be it in any religion..

If a child has been raised in an open , secured  and very loving enviorement , been taught the right values like respect towards others religion , compassion , honesty and integraty and sees his parents following the same , then it is highly unlikely that child can be radicalised when he becomes an adult..

Every child grows up following in the footsteps of his or her parents , hence , the ground work is laid by the parents very early in a child's life . And the end results , the traits emerge in the adulthood.

So , all this talk from parents who show their utter surprise, dismay and devastation on learning that their young sons were radicalised in such and such place is a TOTAL LOAD OF RUBBISH..They are the culprits who should be held responsible for their child's actions...    

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Monday, June 23, 2014

What a mess the Middle East is in today..Nowhere else in the world does any country or countries experience any such problems as in the whole of Middle East . What surprises me is the total lack of patriotism toward their country , nor any compassion for their fellow citizens. Elsewhere people dream and inspire and unite with just that one goal , to see their country grow in all areas be it economics , social, democracy or cultural . BUT NOT THE MIDDLE EAST.... There , its all about Religion,,,Who believes in what AND Who is more inferior or superior..AND Kill those who don't match up to their requirements...Thats it....Thats what they live for..      
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happiness will always be found in contentment ,forgiveness , and in loving yourself and others..

To truly love is difficult , it is to forgive unconditionally , to live , to take the "" experiences or circumstances "'as they are, facing them together and being happy with conviction..

Being happy is an attitude about life and each one of us must decide..

Being happy depends on you.... 

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I keep emphasising on the importance of education which serves as the backbone of all humans. .Today, the situation in Iraq stems from precisely the lack of it.  Uneducated jobless men who have nothing to look forward to , and who end up being brainwashed into extremism by the vultures looking for their prey.

Had they been educated , they would be working on building their country ant not destroying it by dragging it into a civil war. With God,s grace they have the black gold OIL which they can use to put their country back on the economic globe. But no, they choose instead to kill each other . They have no value of human lives and use God,s name as an excuse to carry on with their barbaric killings.

SO VERY VERY SAD . Its every parent,s moral duty and responsibility to educate all their children at ALL COSTS OR SACRIFICES.. 


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Monday, June 16, 2014

Heard about the extremism being taught in schools in Birmingham UK .. Will any Islamic country ever ever allow any Christians to teach Christianity  or buddhists to teach buddhism in their schools ? The poor Christians or for that matter humans of any other faith will be brutally slaughtered for even attempting it....So what makes these islamic fundamentalist think they can do it in England . 

Leave the innocent children alone.. What matters most is that they grow up to be good human beings , open minded with good values . Extremism in any faith leads to disaster..

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I still don't understand what kind of religion can condone KILLING AND ABDUCTION OF INNOCENT SOULS. I am referring to the kidnapping  of the 200 school girls in Nigeria by the Crazy Sadistic and Barbaric militant group called BOKO HARAM.. And forcing those poor Christian girls to convert to Islam . Another thing I don't understand is the conversion bit. Why would anyone want to convert to islam OR to any other religion ? Aren't we all created by that same one supreme lord ?  Isn't the beginning and the end same for each one of us ? So why should anyone convert ? Everyone should feel secure of their own religion and in themselves ..AND RESPECT EACH OTHER IRRESPECTIVE OF FAITH , CREED OR CASTE.


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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Having Respect and Love for a lady especially the wife is the best character to look for in a man. 

 I have met so many wives/ladies who put up with so much of disrespect , for various reasons like security , money , children etc. And these husbands know they can get away with it solely because their woman is weak , has no monetary funds of her own or has nowhere to go  or because of the children.

I think every woman should have some sort of financial security  in her own name , of which only she has complete and sole control. This changes ---in most cases---the husband,s approach , attitude and behaviour for he becomes aware that his woman can drop him at any time and support herself financially and socially.

Hate men who are egoistic, proud and self centered . Love men who are polite , considerate respectful and giving. 


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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Life is so difficult to go through for some and so easy for others . Sometimes I wonder where is the justice of God..

There are those who don't have to worry a thing when they wake up each morning. Plenty of money to pay all their bills, plenty of household help to get all the chores done, their kids given the best of education, found the best of partners , grandkids secured --. What else could they ever need^

Then there are those who struggle from the word GO.Struggle at every step , facing hardship after hardship. Life becomes a burden to them..

Has to be their KARMA..!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

India has entered the Space Age by sending their first rocket to Mars...

What an achievement...! A giant leap by one of the Worlds fastest growing Economy.

DEAR INDIA ,  Have all your children eaten their 3 meals a day..?  Another area to look into .. 

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Monday, November 18, 2013

The   cost of living in the UK has sky rocketed leaving thousands esp. the old and lower middle class barely making ends meet..  Is there any justification in the rising costs? Absolutely not..! 

The Energy costs have been increased and the heads of these Companies very cleverly CHOSE to increase the charges during this cold winter knowing very well that the consumers have no choice BUT to accept it even if they have to skip their meals to pay the higher bills OR freeze to death.

RIP OFF BRITAIN is the most appropriate phrase for the country.. 

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