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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Be Regular ,

Be Sincere ,

Make each day a rounded beauty of love , goodness and joy.

Live in the bliss of the best thoughts said and done.. 

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The migrants issue has now taken over the entire West !!!! How can they cope ? It is also a big security issue especially with all the recent attacks in Paris , Brussels and the US. 

I don't understand why the gulf countries haven't intervened . After all ;Muslims are supposed to help their brother Muslims as this is mentioned in their Koran . Everything is followed blindly from that book including the killing of innocent people , forced conversions,  Jihad etc. etc. So why is this ?  Why then, don't the migrants escape to the very rich gulf countries like Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , UAE , Bahrain ? They can live a very comfortable and secured life . Stay within the sharia law which they are so keen to impose on the West.

But these migrants are no fools...They know in the gulf they will have to work hard besides paying for lousy schooling , medicals and little income....whereas in the West they will get all the benefits even without having to work at all. The best education , free medicals and above all free housing and unemployment benefits . PLUS the men get to enjoy the western lifestyle ---pubs , bars, casinos, fashion etc.



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Monday, February 15, 2016

One  time I met an Englishman who has a brother settled in US and who is a very successful business man. I asked this gentleman why he does he not also migrate to US to join his brother in his business. The answer he gave me was ,  he felt America was a land of too many dumb people . At the time I felt very angry and humiliated , and the conversation ended up in a strong argument with me strongly defending the American people and claiming how wrong he was. But now as I watch the presidential debate , I am beginning to understand why he made that statement.  The Republican debate especially,  has now become a joke with the jokers like Donald Trump , Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush  etc . making a fool of themselves for the world to see and having the last laugh. Hearing them debate is like watching two spoilt brats having a go at each other.  

And these are the candidates who want to be the future  president of the Greatest and The Most Powerful country in the world ...      

 What a joke!!!!!    

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Paris attack was a big shock to the entire world.  But not so shocking was the news of ISIS claiming responsibility. What can anyone expect other than barbarism from them. They know no better considering the background they are coming from.  ALL LOSERS !!!Coming from broken homes or with horrendous upbringing whereby their parents must have divorced or the father must have left their moms for a younger 2nd 3rd or 4th wife , whatever the norm of their society..

Above all its the practice of abstaining from Family Planning --which is forbidden in Islam---but when the poor have 5,6,7 kids how can they be educated when the father barely makes enough to put 2 meals on the table? These young kids--mainly boys--grow up with hardly or no education ,which in turn results in no decent jobs , feeling unwanted and excluded from society.  A Perfect recipe for Radicalisation..

And then its the conservative upbringing..whereby the family is constantly criticising the West , about their culture and lifestyles. The kids in these households grow up hating the westerners , and very easily fall prey to the radicals in the mosques who keep indoctrinating them with the lies of how the West is destroying their lands, taking their oil and killing their innocent people. Now more youngsters get brainwashed and slowly but surely  ready to put on the suicide vests ..Well the ISIS got what they wanted ---MORE RUTHLESS RECRUITS..     


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Tuesday, July 21, 2015



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Sunday, July 5, 2015




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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Heard on the news of a protest that was suppose to be taking place in a state in US. The protesters were going to march holding placards with cartoons of Prophets and their right to freedom of speech and expression. I say some people are so DUMB. This would have been the stupidest thing to do . Don't they think of the repercussions this act could have ? This would have jeopardised  the lives of so many Americans living overseas.

Why cant people use their brains and put on their thinking caps? Why cant each human look at the other as a human irrespective of colour, race or religion ?

The future looks so frightening and unstable with all whats going on in the world.. 

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reflections on Humility.

God, I am far too often influenced by what others think of me. I am always pretending to be either richer or smarter or nicer than I really am.

Please prevent me from trying to attract attention. Don't let me gloat over praise on one hand or be discouraged by criticism on the other, nor let me waste time weaving  imaginary situations in which the most heroic, charming witty person present is myself. Show me how to be humble of heart, like you. 


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Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hi, watched the news about the 3 teenage girls who slipped out of Britain and went to Syria to join the ISIS demonic militant group .

The  very sad part is they have no clue whatsoever what they have got themselves into..The brutal truth is they will first be turned into sex slaves used and abused physically before being turned into suicide bombers or ruthless killers like the rest of the militants.. AND I TOTALLY BLAME THEIR PARENTS FOR THEIR FATE..

 Their upbringing must have been of a very very conservative nature , denouncing the West and upholding or probably praising the militants.. What can these parents expect of their children when they are the ones who probably indoctrinated their kids with all the wrong beliefs?


Very very sad but these kids have chosen a path from where there is no return.. What a waste of lives..  


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Monday, October 27, 2014

What a mess the whole Middle East is in...SO VERY SAD.. Especially since most of the countries in that region there are so beautiful , so rich in history and culture and have so much to offer. 

But slowly , due to  misconception and misinterpretation of religion these beautiful destinations have been taken over by the demons in the name of religion.. THE ISIS MILITANTS ..trying to call call their forcefully captured towns as the islamic state..WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP..This militants group is made up of total losers ,  good for nothings who have no guts to lead a decent  , logical , sensible and a honourable livelihood , who take cover under the umbrella of religion to justify their wild erratic gross behaviour ..Who gave them the right to force conversion of religion on others ? Who are they to be judgemental?  

 What is even more disturbing is the fact that so many of the so called militants are from the West including Europe, US Australia and Canada----the very countries their parents came to ,

seeking asylum IN ORDER TO ESCAPE THE MISERIES OF THEIR OWN COUNTRIES .. And today these traitors are out and set to destroy the very country that not only gave them their DECENT LIFESTYLE AND , FREEDOM BUT , ALSO THE SECURITY ,RESPECT AND STATUS ...

These militants are a waste of time and space on this earth ..  

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