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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Having Respect and Love for a lady especially the wife is the best character to look for in a man. 

 I have met so many wives/ladies who put up with so much of disrespect , for various reasons like security , money , children etc. And these husbands know they can get away with it solely because their woman is weak , has no monetary funds of her own or has nowhere to go  or because of the children.

I think every woman should have some sort of financial security  in her own name , of which only she has complete and sole control. This changes ---in most cases---the husband,s approach , attitude and behaviour for he becomes aware that his woman can drop him at any time and support herself financially and socially.

Hate men who are egoistic, proud and self centered . Love men who are polite , considerate respectful and giving. 


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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Life is so difficult to go through for some and so easy for others . Sometimes I wonder where is the justice of God..

There are those who don't have to worry a thing when they wake up each morning. Plenty of money to pay all their bills, plenty of household help to get all the chores done, their kids given the best of education, found the best of partners , grandkids secured --. What else could they ever need^

Then there are those who struggle from the word GO.Struggle at every step , facing hardship after hardship. Life becomes a burden to them..

Has to be their KARMA..!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

India has entered the Space Age by sending their first rocket to Mars...

What an achievement...! A giant leap by one of the Worlds fastest growing Economy.

DEAR INDIA ,  Have all your children eaten their 3 meals a day..?  Another area to look into .. 

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Monday, November 18, 2013

The   cost of living in the UK has sky rocketed leaving thousands esp. the old and lower middle class barely making ends meet..  Is there any justification in the rising costs? Absolutely not..! 

The Energy costs have been increased and the heads of these Companies very cleverly CHOSE to increase the charges during this cold winter knowing very well that the consumers have no choice BUT to accept it even if they have to skip their meals to pay the higher bills OR freeze to death.

RIP OFF BRITAIN is the most appropriate phrase for the country.. 

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Couple of days ago the US observed the VETERANS DAY honouring the thousands of soldiers who sacrificed their lives during all the wars for their beliefs in Freedom and Liberty..Likewise the UK too observed the day of the BRITISH LEGION---Poppy day---to remember and raise funds ---through selling poppy flowers---for the veterans and the soldiers who lost their lives defending their country during all the wars...This ceremony was attended by the Queen in UK, as it was attended by President Obama in the US.

What a wonderful way to honour them each year after year..!

Unfortunately, this is not the case in some of the developing countries like India , Pakistan , Bangladesh ..Not only DON'T they remember or honour them , they even deprive the surviving family members of their rightful payouts due to them by the Government. They just DO NOT CARE who gave up their lives fighting for their country. Only , during the initial ceremony are they honoured and their wives applauded, but a few years down the line they are totally forgotten and so are the promises made by the Government..Soon Corruption takes over , promises forgotten and all the money ends up in the politician's pockets..

This is so sickening and pathetic...When will they ever change? NEVER.      

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hi, Another tragedy in Washington DC from GUN VIOLENCE , what a shame..!

When will America learn ? Still no law against possessing guns. Instead of concentrating on Syria the government should be working on this big time problem , loss of lives from gun crimes. Situation seems to be getting worse , and all we hear is more debates and no action..

Wonder what ridiculous suggestions and solutions will the NRA come up with this time .Hope to God Mr.LaPierre does not appear on TV  with one of his pathetic speeches , excuses and reasons defending gun ownership.. He is such a joke..

Very Very Sad. 13 innocent lives lost just because a crazy guy used his stupid right to possess firearms and KILL rampantly..

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hi , Simon Cowell ---the entertainment Mogul---has been among the headline news as a home breaker ,for his alleged affair with his good friend's wife who, is pregnant with his baby...

HELLOOOOO , Is Simon stupid or what ? I know she is a pretty lady but  I thought Simon was more level headed....

If Simon were not a multi millionaire THERE IS NO WAY she would have fallen for him..even though she herself is married to a very very wealthy man , Simon has that special image , and because he is not married nor in a relationship , it was probably a challenge to herself to get him and maybe prove to herself that she has got what it takes to charm whoever she wants ..

 Simon should know that any woman who can cheat on her husband and her kid can repeat the same saga again if she meets another challenge like him .

If he wants to settle down then he should find a girl from some far away place who has never heard of him or his worth...He will find true and permanent love with her... 


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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hi, I have been watching so many Reality shows , and so many contestants have had a sad story to tell about their childhood , either they were abandoned as kids , or were physically abused , or their both parents were either alcoholic or addicts. Whatever the case may be I admire these kids / adults , only because they ultimately took control of their of  own  lives , pulled up their socks and moved on in the right direction .  UNLIKE , some of the people who make the wrong choices , and go on to become criminals ,  addicts and losers...! 

Life has never been easy for anyone , and each one of us is fighting some battle of some sort , but if everyone  were to take  the wrong road then what would be the consequence ? Dread to even imagine..! 

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hi , I heard the news today about the many poor  children who died in India after  eating their school lunch which was tainted with poisonous pesticide . 

Well, what can anyone expect from a country like India.. ..Corruption reins supreme there starting from the top level to the lowest , where there is no value for a poor soul. where the law can be bought in most of the cases, and the judiciary system sucks.

Like most of the criminals get away without any consequences in India  , so also these criminals will buy their way out..


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hi, I don't know how some politicians , who have been shamed and defamed and made to step down due to their illicit affairs , mistresses , hookers and what not , can even think of running and campaigning again for public office.? Where is their self respect ? I thought they would have their heads buried in the sand ..How shameless can they be? Its not as if it was a one night stand ,which,.. one can overlook , forget and forgive..These guys kept on with their rendezvous ,cheating on their wives and family for a long period of time till they were exposed..    

Power and Money--the two perfect ingredients for fun, bashes and sex..!  

As my mom would always say...A Human can change their habits but, they can never change their Nature which , stays with them through all their cycles of rebirths.... 

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